Worsley Road

Careful consideration to the surrounding environment.

This property nestles into its landscape while still maximising the impressive views. The landscape in which a building inhabits is always important. Here we created a home that nestles into its rugged surroundings perfectly. Maximising the impressive views, providing plenty of natural light and warm through its position due north, while still providing sheltered areas from the cool coastal winds. Functionality and light play an important role within the home, as each space flows seamlessly into the next. Boundaries between inside and out have been precisely broken down, ultimately becoming non-existent. The freshness of the building itself is unmistakable. This home becomes a retreat where the surrounding landscape can be truly admired.

  • Site consideration. A well considered site, positioning and design which allows the property to nestle into its landscape.

  • Shelter. Importance of providing shelter from prevailing winds enhancing use of entertaining space.

  • Maximising views. Utilising the visual interest that a great view can provide, the design maximises the views through large well positioned windows and spaces.

  • Light. Layout, positioning of windows and colour finishes which reflect natural light all enhance the look and feel of each space.