Kaikoura Residence

Based on modular forms; these forms adapt and give every space purpose.

Attention to detail is what makes this family home in Kaikoura one of a kind within the architectural world. This home is an example of a great relationship between client and designer.

The concept is based on modular forms; these forms adapt to the clients’ every need, giving every space an individual purpose and fitting their busy lifestyle with ease. Every detail has been resolved to the highest degree. The large floor to ceiling glazing captures the picturesque landscape, a landscape which contrasts with the building itself, forming a visual focal point within the hillside. Technical features such as the switchable glass in the shower looking over the stairs is just one example of the modern building techniques used. Materials add a wow factor by creating a structural texture within the softness of the landscape. Minimal concrete tones throughout enable the home to be a canvas that can adapt as the family grows. This home is a true architectural statement within a serene environment.

  • Adaptable modular forms. Allowing spaces to adapt and evolve depending on purpose and future use.

  • Materials & finish. Concrete, neutral tones and textures provide hard wearing, adaptable and timeless finishes adaptable to ever changing lifestyle requirements.

  • Glazing. Large floor to ceiling window glazing to optimise views and reflect the picturesque landscape.

  • Exterior design. Featuring strong linear lines and an elevated focus point, inspired by the form of the mountain range in the background.